2017 harvest report

2017 has been a sunny dry year most of the season with the presence of some rain just by the end of harvest.
Summer was very warm but sporadic rains helped the vines to reach a nice balance of canopy and yield.

Due to the impacty of two major frosts in October of 2016 Total production of grapes in Mendoza, estimated in 1.540 M kilos, was 12% lower than 2016 and 41% below the average production for the last 10 years.
Production at The Vines was only 3.6% lower compared with previous year,
Overall, We were able to harvest very healthy grapes with excellent balance of fruit ripeness and acidity.

2017 Nunum Malbec
2017 Nunum Estate Blend
2017 Nunum Cabernet Franc
2017 Nunum Petit Verdot
2017 Nunum Malbec/Grenache Estate Blend

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