Despite the El Nino induced rainy growing season we were able to get very good quality fruit.
the 2016 harvest Has a very elegant character, with great intensity of color,

Another impact of the early season rains is that yields for most varietals are down compared to last year.
Harvest of the white varietals started slightly later this year. Despite the climatic characteristics throughout the season, Torrontés got a good ripening of the grape,
and at the time of harvest we observed nice sugar and acidity concentration in the grapes.

thanks to the naturally high acidity and lower alcohol levels most wines will be a bit more “European style” and have lower levels of alcohol (average Brix levels are down 9%).

Our 2016 wines have a great varietal expression, deep color, soft tannins and a very nice acidity. The heart of the wine this year is its fruit.
The 2016 wines are medium-bodied, intense in color due to their nice acidity, very elegant and complex at the same time.
thanks to these characteristics they have an excellent aging potential.

2016 Nunum Malbec
2016 Nunum Estate Blend
2016 Nunum Cabernet Franc
2016 Nunum Petit Verdot
2016 Nunum Torrontes

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