Spring came early to the southern hemisphere.
This year in mendoza budding began in late August, with flowering following in late october, both two to three weeks early. Double the norm of rainfall during the last three months of the season (6.3 inches) made for an intense, challenging, and as expected early harvest.

Winemakers Pablo Martorell and Mariana Onofri are very excited for what this 2015 crop has to bring.
They expect a very different fruit this year from last year, with much more expression of the fruit itself, a nice balance of acidity and tannins,
and a full-bodied stronger concentration with great character!


2015 Nunum Malbec
2015 Nunum Estate Blend
2015 Nunum Cabernet Franc
2015 Nunum Petit Verdot
2015 Nunum Chardonnay
2015 Nunum Torrontes

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