We had a climatically eventful summer in Mendoza -- an early season heat wave followed by tons of rain. Temperatures were sustained above 100 degrees for many days in the second half of December and through January.  February rainfall, more than triple the average, then delayed harvest by a couple of weeks.

The summer heat produced fruit with mature tannins, which means well-structured wines.  Winemaker Pablo Martorell utilized longer cold macerations in the winery to preserve the fruitiness of the grapes and enhance the color and aromas of the wine.

Despite the challenges, careful vineyard management and expert winemaking techniques have resulted in an outstanding vintage.

2014 Nunum Malbec
2014 Nunum Estate Blend
2014 Nunum Cabernet Franc
2014 Nunum Petit Verdot
2014 Nunum Chardonnay
2014 Nunum Torrontes

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